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The Value of the Liberal Arts Degree

Updated: Sep 13

When they look at my career trajectory SaaS Startup - Agency - Consulting Firm, people often assume I have an MBA or that, at the very least, I majored in finance, economics, or marketing....

They are often shocked when I reveal that I am the proud recipient of not one, not two, but THREE liberal arts degrees English Literature, Creative Writing, & Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati. 📖

I can still remember the first week of college: I walked out of a macroeconomics class and went straight to my advisor to let him know I was going to study what I loved. 💖

My dad was scared; honestly, so was I... but I truly believe those disciplines prepared me more for my career than anything else would have. Best of all, I stayed true to myself and did what I loved as opposed to what I felt I needed to do to succeed. 🤝

To learn more about why I feel liberal arts degrees are so valuable for not just marketing but business itself... watch the video!

Preview: it's all about understanding people and constructing an argument...


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