The Ideal Candidate - My Dream Job Description

I was asked a question today that really stuck with me: what would my ideal job description look like?

The ideal candidate will be passionate about not just marketing but the power of marketing to connect with other human beings through the business medium.

The ideal candidate will be equal parts creative and analytical; they will will be knowledgeable about when to emphasize one over the other.

The ideal candidate will be the type of life-long learner you simply must be in today’s dynamic digital world. They will understand the importance of keeping up with trends, technology, and general marketing best practices.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about what they do: this is non-negotiable. This candidate will work to maintain mutualistic growth between themselves and the business. They’ll walk out the door a better person, both personally and professional, than they walked in the door that very morning.

The ideal candidate will understand the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace: they will be kind, understanding, and open to criticism. They will bring an unwaveringly positive attitude in the face of even the greatest challenges.

The ideal candidate will not be afraid to try new things and they certainly won’t be afraid to fail either. They’ll trust in themselves and what we’ve built here. They'll understand there are two ways to fail: forward or backward. They'll deal exclusively in the former over the latter.

The ideal candidate will be data-driven and goal focused. They will understand what is expected of them not so that they may meet those expectations… but so they may continue to go above and beyond them.

The ideal candidate will be personable and an excellent communicator. The ideal candidate will understand how to toe the tenuous line between client satisfaction and marketing best practices.

Above all else, the ideal candidate will care. They will wake up everyday and do whatever they need to do to drive both us and our clients forward.

They will believe in the power of marketing to bring people together and they will pride themselves on exactly that.

They will understand marketing is less about business and more about people and, to a greater extent, connecting with those people through education, entertainment, or value (bonus points for all three!).

Lastly, the ideal candidate will believe in themselves and in their ability to succeed in this role.

They will be ready to take the next step of their lives towards the welcoming sight of our open door, and we’ll rejoice in the knowledge that they, the ideal candidate, were always meant to end up here...

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