Marketing Collateral: Cover 3 Strategy Guides, E-Book, & Postcard

The strategy guides were developed in an effort to provide some initial value for prospects at the beginning of their buyer journey.

The goal was to take complex digital marketing topics and break them down in an actionable, digestible way.

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I was the principal creator of the Social Media one immediately below.

Social Media Strategy Guide
Download PDF • 4.57MB

The SEO guide found below was written by myself and our Marketing Manager, Eric.

SEO Strategy Guide
Download PDF • 640KB

The copy and content of this stunning e-book was created by me as well.

The goal was to display our services with relevant information about our unique value-add so that prospective customers could better understand not only what we did but how we did it better!

Download PDF • 8.24MB

Lastly, the goal of this postcard was to have a physical, personalized piece of content to send to leads.

The goal was to differentiate ourselves by using the postcard in place of a business card or a digital lead magnet. We wanted to be clear and concise while utilizing the QR code to drive traffic to our website.

The concept, content, and copy of this project was completed by me.

Front of postcard
Back of postcard

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