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Kingdom Hearts: The Beginning of My Journey

The cover image of the original, released in 2002

Kingdom Hearts is 19 years old. This is a surreal feeling for me, a now lifelong gamer almost halfway through his twenties, because of how much I associate this game with my childhood.

I can see my Playstation 2, green light shining brightly like a beacon in the dark of the basement of a house I can't remember otherwise. I remember bawling my eyes out when my dad unwittingly ended one of my first runs--he turned my system off while cleaning and I was without a memory card at the time.

It seems like such a stupid thing to do now, but you don't think about things like that when you're 7 years old and completely immersed in a world like the one Kingdom Hearts creates: vivid characters on wild adventures, all packaged neatly, if curiously, within a medium I already knew and loved: Disney!

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