• P. G.

Had I Never Been So Low

A poem by P. G.

I no longer fear the light

that shines so brightly from my soul

I no longer fear the weight nor weary

of what comes with growing old

You speak to me of ancient times

when I was not much younger

The storms of life washed me away

with the lightning and the thunder

I see myself now differently

and it all goes to show

I'd never know how high I am

had I not been so low.


Notes from P. G. -

Life is a strange and fickle thing: it will break and beat you in every direction.

You march dutifully, head bowed in shame, unaware of anything except for the steady patter of your tired feet.

Then one day you look up and find yourself on a mountaintop. The sky is cotton candy blue and the grass is a childhood green.

You never thought you’d be here. Frankly, you weren’t even sure if you’d be.

You fall to your knees and you weep. You weep in a way only someone who has felt the weight of the world can.

Some of your tears are salty: this is you grieving your past self and the child within you.

Your other tears are sweet. They are joy; they are pride. You drink them as they reach your tongue and you are nourished in a way you’ve never been before.

There will be no catharsis without chaos. As long as you’re moving, however slowly, you’re headed in the right direction.

Because at the end of the day, there is no right direction. There only is what is and it’s a beautiful thing to just be.

So let yourself be.

There are mountains and valleys out there for us both, my friend.

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