• P. G.

Fridge Magnets

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A poem by P. G.

it was me

who destroyed

the painting

in that bedroom

you said it

was her’s

your girlfriend’s

from her childhood

a memory

of a parent

how poetic

how sweetly ironic

I tried

not to

I was just

so angry

at seeing

the place

that way

so foreign,

so cold,

my home

now a house

my room

now a room

how could you

how could you?

how could you

let her do that

to it

to me

to us

i want you to be happy

i mean it

how can you be happy

when your children

are in pieces

like basement drywall

i told you

how i felt

and what this would do

to me

but you don’t care

do you

about me,

about us,

your children,

cold and removed,

like fridge magnets

peeled, ripped,

thrown away.

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