• P. G.

All We Thought We Knew

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A poem by P. G.

And so who are you then?

All I see is a skeleton high and alone in a bed.

Don't talk about no don't talk about it no don't talk talk talk

why is that all you do

talk and think and talk and think and think and think and think

and why can't we just lie



in silence

in peace

for once

oh Christ

for once please

can we just

lie here

in peace

in silence


as the day

we were born


when we met

so long ago

a twilight haze

some sort of summertime love

16, 17 maybe

a parking lot

broken promises

youth and snow

stuck there

in the grey

between purgatory and sadism

we've got a taste for each other's blood

mine is pouring from my jugular

I'm so sorry

can't you see that it

written in that cascading red

on a white confirmation dress

wispy thoughts

fragments of souls

foregone memories



shining in the light

from a softly setting sun




away from sight

with all we thought we know.

- P. G.

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